is an exciting drumline opportunity for students between the ages of 5 and 15 years old. Students in Cruzline come from all over the city. Kids from different backgrounds, schools, and districts come together once a week to learn how to play each drumline instrument: Snare Drum, Bass Drum, and Quads. At the end of each session, the Cruzline puts on an exciting show to share with friends and family! The shows are always filled with smiles, excitement and surprises.


This program involves students of all levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. This program is not just for boys but girls as well. Once you see them perform and display their talents you would think they have been playing for years. Cruzline is under the leadership of instructor Sal Cruz and assisted by daughter and fellow musician/percussionist Simone Cruz, and administrated by mother-in- law/ grandmother and retired teacher Sharon Kibbe.


     Cruzline Percussion was founded in 2006 with the main goal, to teach percussion skills to as many students as possible.  We believe the drumline experience should begin at an early age. Not only can young students learn how to play percussion instruments, but also learn about the importance of knowing how to work as a team.  We are energized by seeing the abilities of students increase as they progress. 




All forms are to be filled out before your first lesson. Two forms are required and can be previewed and printed on the "FORMS" page of the website. Click HERE




Summer sessions should be paid in full at the beginning of the session. Sessions during the school year can be paid on a weekly, monthly or in full basis. Signing up for a session means that the student is financially responsible for all lessons.


Is This Only a Boy Thing?

No! There are both boys and girls who are a part of Cruzline

Is This Only for USD 501?

No! Cruzline is open to all drummers froma all around. Holton, Silver Lake, Carbondale, Anywhere!


Is This A Summer Camp Only?

We offer 3 summer sessions and 4 sessions during the school year. We feel it is important to give students the flexibility and opportunity to enjoy other activities such as sports and still find a time to enjoy Cruzline sessions as their time permits. We believe that  encouraging children to develop skills in all areas of interests helps them become well rounded individuals.

Do i Need Any Experience?

No! we offer classes for beginners with little to no experience as well as intermediate with moderate to advanced experience 

Where Are Lessons Taught?

At Topeka High School in the Band Room. Please park on Polk street and enter through the side doors. The Band Room is up the stairs to the third floor and is the first room on the right. Please do not enter through the front entrance unless elevator access is needed in which case prior arrangements must be made by contacting Sal at 785-213-0505



We regret to inform you that we cannot make up a lesson if a student has to cancel. Since this is a performance based business, payment for that lesson is still expected. If CruzLine Percussion has to cancel, that lesson will be made up at a specified date.


To Read All CRUZLINE Policies,

go to the FORMS page.


Click Here for Complete CRUZLINE policies.

What Are The Benefits Of Cruzline?

1. Eight one hour percussion technique based lessons

2. Experience playing the  snare, bass and quad drums

3. Individual assistance

4. Furnished Equipment 

5. Explicit direction on how to become a team member 

6. Building  discipline, pride and friendships through music meeting kids from all over the city.

7.  Experience in performing an evening informal concert for family, friend and community


Do I Need To Bring A Drum?

No! All equipment is supplied by the Topeka High School Drumline. Just bring drumsticks. If needed drumsticks can also be purchased through Sal Cruz


What Ages are Taught?

Cruzline is for ages 5 and up. If you are and adult interested in lessons please contact Sal Cruz